The Long View

In a perfect world, artists would create art as an expression of their (and our) humanity and would be rewarded for doing so in order that they might do more of it.  If that art is created free of the demands and constraints of market economics, it can be pure, unfettered and a more honest representation of the soul of the artist.  Great art, like greatness in anything of value, has truth at its heart and that truth is what serves to lift the spirit in all of us.

Last time we looked, it wasn't such a perfect world.........

Twilight Tango Records is an independent label dedicated to the idea that art will outlast money and that for artists, their work is the greater part of their reward.  That's not to say that we don't have to eat and that we don't each aspire to a vision of the American dream.  What it does say is that our artists would rather show you what lives in their soul than crumples in their wallet.  For each of us as consumers, the artists whose voices reveal the truths in our own hearts become our companions and our confidantes.  Twilight Tango's mission is to bring those artists to you.

 We hope you'll find a value for your own life in the works we distribute and would take it upon yourselves to support our artists so that they may continue to accompany you on your journey.