Dirt Track Racer is an Americana ensemble that is the outgrowth of the work of Geoff Hansplant and percussion master Paul Deck on Geoff's first album for Twilight Tango, "Pilgrim's Progress."  With the addition of Julie Myers on violin, B3, piano and voice and Nick Terramani on upright and electric bass, Dirt Track Racer is poised to carve a new frontier in Americana music.  Their blend of roots rock, Piedmont blues, folk, jazz and Latin grooves weaves an unmistakable tapestry of sound that will get you up and moving, whether the song is an uptempo rocker or a slow ballad.  This band understands that music enters the listener through the ears and the feet, and makes a bee-line for the heart.  Geoff's guitar playing shares center stage with Julie's virtuoso violin, while Paul and Nick lay down irresistible grooves in the bottom end.  And, as always, Geoff's lyrics provide layers of meaning that peel back with each listening.

On January 13, 2014, Dirt Track Racer released their first album, Kick Off Your Muddy Boots, timed with a major national and international radio promotion.  The Album is available for purchase at CDBaby and is available to DJ's and Music Directors at the band's AirPlay Direct page.  Need a physical copy for airplay on your station?  Drop us a line here:  info@twilighttango.com